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Making-of "Untitled"

The Fact Finder presented, during a pop-up event, an insight into the process employed by Romanian artist Ciprian Mureșan, in making a replica of the "Last Judgement" mural wing, from the UNESCO protected site in Voroneț. Ciprian Mureșan's take on this medieval masterpiece, shown at the  Plan B Gallery (Berlin), has a contemporary dynamics, in the most literal way, as the wall that bears the replica moves back and forth inside the gallery space. This reminds us of how a church was saved in Bucharest, during Ceaușescu's urban planning, by moving it on tracks, to make way for a boulevard.

At The Fact Finder, we will have a closer look into the process of reenacting the whole out of fragments, by browsing a photographic archive created during the initial field research. Just as with the way of presentation at Plan B Gallery, where the wall moves, here the fragments are somehow off, never quite matching, reminding us of the displacement of religious buildings and, one can say, of Christianism's relevance throughout time.

Photographic archive installation
Making-Of for the Work "Untitled" (2018, mural painting, steel tracks, wheels).

Friday 22 June 2018
18:00 - 21:00 h