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(Un)seen people. Alex Bodea

EXHIBITION: 22.-30. SEPTEMBER 13:00-19:00 UHR

Our upcoming exhibition is based upon the core concept of The Fact Finder, that of the artist being a witness in the world.

“I am a witness when I capture the fleeting moments that occur when passing through public spaces here in Berlin. I do this on a daily basis, documenting them in the form of visual notes- a drawing with a short text recalling what I have encountered. These visual notes have grown into an archive.
I have chosen from the archive three particular moments involving three passers-by who struck a chord with me and turned them into large scale cut-out drawing installations. Each of them I saw in Berlin on days between April 2017 and April 2018: the Turkish man dressed in traditional German attire, Hamza, the beautiful migrant boy riding the S-Bahn and the Eastern European looking woman darting around the red light area on Bülowstraße. I have chosen them because I feel they embody multi-cultural coexistence; how people borrow habits, clothes, or practices from other cultures and can either form new identities or lose part of their identity in the process. This also generates interesting visual clues, new clues which there is no precedence for and which we have to learn to read.
These are my subjective experiences of real people who I have encountered for just a few seconds, and as they walk away they are unaware that I have spent, through these works, months in their company.”

Alex Bodea
Romanian born artist, works and lives in Berlin.
Initiator of Fact Finder

Alex Bodea works at the crossroads of visual art, journalism and storytelling. Fuelled by a desire to witness and record, she makes use of a language based on drawing and text, both of them stripped down to the essentials. She is mostly interested in documenting (fact finding) aspects of urbanity such as everyday street life, passersby typology, social dynamics and interactions.
In her fact finding missions she has collaborated and made visual stories about institutions such as Serralves Foundation (Porto), Institute for Cultural Inquiry, Martin-Gropius-Bau, HAU, Berliner Festspiele, Deutsche Oper, Deutsches Theater, International Literatur Festival (Berlin), Art Encounters Foundation (Timișoara) and numerous artists, writers and actors.